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Sarah Hambly grew up in the San Francisco bay area. Daughter of a musician and Financial Officer, she loved art and culture since she was young. At the age of sixteen she picked up her first camera and began photographing the community around her. She fell in love with style, fashion, art and culture around her. She began exploring other avenues of art and music, from creating her own soundtracks to working with film and fashion design. She explored her love for photoshop, photography, fashion, music and film throughout her community.


Her career for fashion design began in 2016,  when she was selected as. a finalist for the Her Universe Fashion show at San Diego Comic Con. Her mother taught her to sew, and from there she combined her love of pop culture and design to create unique couture clothing. She competed yearly at the Her Universe Fashion Show until 2019, where she won the Audience Award and created a collection of clothing to be sold at Her Universe and Hot Topic the following year. 

In 2020 she began to share her design process on social media, and quickly amassed nearly 3 million followers on tiktok, driving interest to what she called 'geek couture', a niche fashion corner of couture and pop culture. She builds elaborate gowns, costumes and cosplays that she photographs around Lake Tahoe, where she now calls home. 

Sarah strives to teach others how to sew and create, to build a more sustainable fashion world, and to inspire others to follow their passions in costuming, fashion design and cosplay. When not sewing and creating content, Sarah loves to hike, fish, horseback ride and explore the eastern sierras with her family.


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